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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carve

Welcome to IMAGO Health.

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IMAGO Health is a Community Services training business located in Newcastle, NSW. Australia. We specialise in Mental Health First Aid for any size organisation. We are passionate about providing professional, engaging and innovative learning experiences that continue to impact pro-actively way beyond the engagement process..

I look forward to the opportunity for assisting yourself and your colleagues navigate and celebrate the learning journey .

Why Imago?

In biology, the imago is the last stage of development of an insect, after the last ecdysis of an incomplete metamorphosis, or after emergence from the pupa where the metamorphosis is complete.Imago for me is that moment when you are emerging from the darkness of the unknowing and moving toward the light of awareness. Education and learning is just like that.In some circles called the Ah Ha moment.Can you recall moment in a training session when the light came on and allowed you to spread your wings and fly?